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An Info Hub & CoWorking Community for midlife women and those who support them in their evolution.

We are stronger together.

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There is a pretty wide knowledge gap to bridge when it comes to a woman’s menopause experience and that is why I’ve created the Unraveling Together Info Hub + CoWorking Community. 

I'm Samantha "Dr. Sam" Graber, a holistic menopause coach for busy female leaders.  I host the Unraveling Together Podcast and write prolifically on the topics of menopause, metabolic health, and growth mindset on my blog by the same name.

I'm a retired chiropractor and real food advocate.  My 30+ years on the frontline of the evolving holistic healing conversatin lends a unique perspective to my work.

The Info Hub

The Info Hub is a free resource aimed at helping midlife women navigate the many changes that accompany our menopause journey.  

To foster open and honest dialogue, we welcome into the hub those who want to walk alongside us during this natural life transition.  Please understand that the content herein is written primarily for midlife women.  

What To Expect When You Join

I will provide a holistic perspective on optimizing your changing metabolism and sex hormone profiles as you navigate the menopausal waters. Your hormones (all of them) are at the helm throughout your life and even more so during midlife.  

The changes are many, and I am confident we are not designed to self-destruct once our periods are behind us.  

Along with body changes, we are faced with many mental and emotional changes that require self-examination.  

We harness the collective power of women as we roll up our sleeves to do the inner work, together.  

What To Look Forward To Inside

Inside the free Info Hub, you’ll have access to my Hormonal Changes:  From Peri- to Post-Menopause Masterclass.  

Whether you’re a midlife woman in the throes of perimenopause, or someone walking alongside one of us, this masterclass will give you a holistic perspective on what’s at work behind the hormonal scenes.  The metabolism related information applies to anyone with human DNA, though each of us has a slightly different variation on the theme.

In addition to that you’ll have access to exclusive content I don’t post anywhere else.  

How To Join Us

Click the orange Request To Join button, provide your answers and be on the lookout for your login info via email within a couple of hours.  To ensure we are only welcoming real, authentic humans, there is a quick vetting process.  

Just so you’re aware, I’m a one-woman show at the moment and it may take a short while for me to reply.

Be sure to check your spam / junk folder if you don’t see this email.  You can also email me at [email protected] or via LinkedIn (Dr. Sam Graber) should you not receive the email during daytime hours in the US-Central Time Zone.  

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