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Where rebellious midlife women share, grow and challenge themselves to make the most of life.

Women are stronger together.

Community.  Connection.  Conversation.

This may be a season in which you are asking yourself the deeper questions in life.  You may be experiencing changes in your body and brain that have you stumped or frustrated.  And you may be feeling lonely in a sea of “connection” that is nothing more than a bunch of static on the line.

The Unraveling Together Community was created to cultivate a true sense of connection amongst women.  I felt it best to set up a non-social media space on a private network away from prying eyes and data collecting bots. 

Within this curated community, I’ll provide a holistic perspective on optimizing your changing metabolism as you navigate the menopausal waters.  Your hormones are at the helm throughout your life and even more so during midlife.  The changes are many, and I am confident we are not designed to self-destruct once our periods are behind us.  

Along with body changes, we are faced with many mental and emotional changes that require self-examination.  We harness the collective power of women as we roll up our sleeves to do the inner work, together.

What To Look Forward To Inside

Inside the free community you’ll have access to my Hormonal Changes:  From Peri- to Post-Menopause Masterclass as my gift for being amongst the first to join me in The Unraveling Together Community.  In addition to that you’ll have exclusive access to content I don’t post anywhere else.  I’ll be rolling out my complete stress-taming and sleep-promoting Sound Bath Series in the upcoming weeks and as a member of this growing community, you'll have free access to that as well.

The purpose of this free community is to foster conversation and connection with other women navigating midlife and menopause. Joining is easy, simply hit the orange Request To Join button, provide your answers and be on the lookout for an email with details for finalizing your account within our private community.

There’s Power In The Pause

Midlife brings with it the powerful transition of perimenopause; it’s built into our design.  Perimenopause is something all women will experience, when they live long enough to do so.  

It is during this 5-10 year period before our menopause that our body seems to mount a mutiny. Many women find themselves disconnected from their bodies and their lives and they’re unsure just how to go about reconnecting.  Some opt for meds, others try to go it alone.  All in all women are suffering in silence as they do everything in their power to look as if they’ve got it all under control.  

Women’s Collective Wisdom

If you seek a holistic, natural approach to your mental, emotional and physical wellness, join us.  We are a curated, inclusive community which means we are all real people who are here to roll up our sleeves and do the inner work. If you’ve been trying to go it alone yet long for a community in which you can let your hair down, the Unraveling Together Community is for you.  

It is our core belief that a woman's body is incredibly wise and as such, she has a deeply rooted connection to nature. When natural principles are the foundation of our choices, our body finds her peace, her flow.

If you want to explore what’s unfolding for you in midlife, from the accompanying hormonal changes to the changes in life’s priorities, the Unraveling Together Community was created for you.  It is here that we tap into the collective wisdom of women.

We are a diverse and inclusive community of women rebellious enough to question conventional wisdom and compassionate enough to walk alongside others navigating this thing called life in midlife and beyond.  We aim to do it together for we know deep to our core that women are stronger together. 

All women are welcome in this community.  We unite as human women, period.  

How To Join Us

Click the orange Request To Join button, provide your answers and be on the lookout for your login info via email within a couple of hours.  To ensure we are only welcoming real, authentic humans, there is a quick vetting process.  Just so you’re aware, I’m a one-woman show at the moment and it may take a short while for me to reply.

Be sure to check your spam / junk folder if you don’t see this email.  You can also email me at [email protected] or via LinkedIn (Dr. Sam Graber) should you not receive the email during daytime hours in the US-Central Time Zone.  

One Last Thing…

If you are someone who is... 

          ✘ not open to change, 

          ✘ unwilling to commit to taking purposeful action,

          ✘ a "quick fix", patch-work junkie

          ✘ someone who complains ad nauseum or plays the “woe-is-me” card on the regular,

 ...then our community might not be for you. And that is okay.

However, if you

         ✔ are someone who wants to “get better with age” and you are dedicated to doing it as naturally as possible,

         ✔ you realize there is no quick-fix for anything in life and accept that it will take time to see tangible results (though less time than you may think),

         ✔  and you seek a community where you'll be encouraged to be your most authentic "you", and you can show up to do the same for others...

Unraveling Together was created with you in mind.

Please join us!

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