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An Info Hub & CoWorking Community for midlife women and those who support them in their evolution.

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We are stronger together.

Community.  Connection.  Conversation.

There is a pretty wide knowledge gap to bridge when it comes to a woman’s menopause experience and that is why I’ve created the Unraveling Together Info Hub + CoWorking Community

I'm Samantha "Dr. Sam" Graber, a holistic (peri-)menopause coach for busy female leaders.  I host the Unraveling Together Podcast and write prolifically on the topics of menopause, metabolic health, and developing a growth mindset on my blog by the same name.

I'm a retired chiropractor and real food advocate.  My 30+ years on the frontline of the evolving holistic healing conversation lends a unique perspective to my work.

The Unraveling Together Ecosystem

The Unraveling Together Community is where midlife women connect and pursue a more holistic approach to our changing bodies and minds.  We focus on our wellbeing, our metabolism, and our menopause experience during as well as after we hit that magical milestone. Through masterclasses and co-working sessions, we cultivate more meaning in our individual lives while tapping into the collective wisdom of women.

Our ecosystem consists of an Info Hub and a CoWorking Community.

The Info Hub is free to access.  The CoWorking Community is accessible on a month-to-month basis for a fraction of the fee you'd pay to work with a coach one-to-one, especially one with my experience and knowledge base.

The Info Hub

The Info Hub is a free resource aimed at helping anyone who is or will experience menopause navigate the many changes that accompany our menopause journey.  

To foster open and honest dialogue, we welcome into the hub those who want to walk alongside us during this natural life transition.  Please understand that the content herein is written primarily for the person experiencing menopause, from peri- to post-.  

What To Expect When You Join

I will provide a holistic perspective on optimizing your changing metabolism and sex hormone profiles as you navigate the menopausal waters. Your hormones (all of them) are at the helm throughout your life and take a significant turn during midlife.  This natural, built-in shift can result in some rather rocky seas when ill-prepared.  

The changes are many, and I am confident we are not designed to self-destruct once our periods are behind us, nor during the time leading up to it.  

Along with body changes, we are faced with many mental and emotional changes that require self-examination.  

We harness the collective power of women as we roll up our sleeves to do the inner work, together.  

What To Look Forward To Inside

Inside the free Info Hub, you’ll have access to my Hormonal Changes:  From Peri- to Post-Menopause Masterclass.  There is a video and audio version along with a time-stamped workbook to accompany you along the way.  I've included a printable resource to help you prepare for a visit with your healthcare team.  

Whether you’re a midlife woman in the throes of perimenopause, or someone walking alongside one of us, this masterclass will give you a holistic perspective on what’s at work behind the hormonal scenes.  

In addition to that you’ll have access to exclusive content I don’t post anywhere else.  

How To Join Us

Click the orange Request To Join button at the top of this page (or the image below).  You'll be prompted to create a free account.  Upon completion, you'll be ushered the Info Hub where you can find a checklist to get you started.  

If there's a breakdown in the system, and joining isn't a simple process, please let me know via email me at [email protected] or on LinkedIn (Dr. Sam Graber).    

The CoWorking Community

At the moment, we are soft launching our CoWorking Community.  

We've rolled out an early-adopter offer which gives you top-tier access to decades-tested holistic strategies at a fraction of the current investment. 

You'll access 100% of what I bring to the table in this CoWorking Community for far less than what those who join in the upcoming months will invest.  

I want you to take advantage of this offer, and please do so ASAP, before early-adopter enrollment ends.

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